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from $1.76

Ivermectin is effective against parasitic diseases and has shown efficacy against pandemic background

from $0.42

Amoxil is an antibiotic used to treat infections caused by bacterial infections in different parts of the body

from $1.25

Plaquenil has shown positive effect during pandemics; traditionally used in inflammatory diseases

from $0.42

Nolvadex is an effective non-steroid antiestrogen used against estrogen-dependent tumors, e.g. breast cancer


Welcome to 1 Canadian Pharmacy website!

Safety first is not just a motto but a philosophy. We provide a seamless service of mail orders with every step protected.

Founded in 2018, 1 Canadian Pharmacy from the very beginning focused on developing a well-adjusted structure that works both for local dispensing and mail orders. After 3 years of hard work we can gladly say that our team has succeeded.

  • We sell medications from International 14 suppliers
  • We have implemented a Quality Assurance Program based on Good Manufacturing Practices
  • We have suppliers in the Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, India, Turkey, Spain, France.
  • We deliver medications to 29 countries

What are the advantages of our service?

With so many drugstores appearing online every day, it can become overwhelming and difficult to choose the one that will provide you with the most benefits. When you choose to shop using our site, you get the following advantages:

  • Reliable generic drugs from well-known manufacturers
  • National and international delivery of your orders
  • A large number of deals and special offers on medications
  • The most extensive range of sexual health products
  • Timely support whenever you need it
  • Quick processing of your orders

The combination of these aspects creates a pleasant shopping experience and brings thousands of loyal clients to our pharmacy every day. Our site is filled with valuable health-related information so you can learn more about your condition and make an informed decision.

No need to waste your money on medical products

After having been on the market for so long, we understand that offering cheaper drugs is more relevant than ever. Here at 1 Canadian Pharmacy we work to satisfy your needs when it comes to finding best-quality healthcare products. On our website, you can read about drugs, how they work, and buy the ones that you consider necessary. If you are ever confused about certain products or simply want to learn more, our team is always available to provide help. Choose medications you need and start improving your health today!

Basic Information About Products And Services

Why are your prices low?

Our suppliers make meds basing on already existing recipes and chemical formulas. They don’t have to pay for advertising and don’t invest in the marketing process. Generics are cheap and don’t need any promotion because people regularly search for them on their own. The internet is full of information about generics and their effectivity. The only thing our clients have to find out is the names of the meds because the manufacturers alter them to be in line with the laws about intellectual property.

What is the difference between generics and usual drugs?

The main difference is a price. Generics have the same active components and provide the same effect. They cost less, mainly due to the fact that they are produced in the countries with low salaries. Besides, companies producing generics do not have to spend money on researches, tests and even patents. And that is a huge saving.

How can I pay for the order?

We offer a whole range of payment options. In case you do not find the suitable option, contact us, and we will deal with that.

Do I need a prescription to buy medicines on your website?

It depends on the medicine. To learn about the status of the specific medicine, contact our support specialist.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship both domestically and internationally, to most countries of the world. It is a good idea though to check if your country is on the list of the countries we ship to in the drop-out menu.

What shipping services do you use?

Currently, we use the following shipping agents at 1 Canadian pharmacy:

  • Standard Airmail (10-21 days after the dispatch, no trackable)
  • Trackable service (7-10 days after the dispatch)

Note that this latter is only available for customers within the US.